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Well, this is awkward.

It is so awkward and petty, but … I held my character back from forming a relationship with someone else because they didn’t want an IC relationship or relationship RP. No problem. Then they turned around and started relationship RP with a character, after OOCly giving me a laundry list of why they wouldn’t happen.

I guess it’s petty as hell, but it feels like a bummer when your friend is too busy chatting about THEIR AWESOME NEW PRINCESS GIRLFRIEND YEAH and stuff to bother with you anymore. :/

But life goes on, so I suppose that’s how it goes.

i really hate it when people join a site with their roleplay partners and then never proceed to actually get to know anyone else. if the whole point was to write with just that one person, why not make a private site instead? i don’t know what you’re getting out of being part of a community if being part of that community is just using their forums to live in your own private rp world and not taking part in the plot or site events. 

can we stop with shipper app sites?

I feel neglected when the character i rp as is ignored. I understand that people are busy. But when i see others in the rp group interact with each other and seem to forget me it makes me feel left out. I try so hard and make starters. But no one wants to rp with me. It both frustrates and makes me feel worthless.

This new trend where sites have mandatory templates is the most frustrating thing ever.

i recently joined a site and i just feel like the atmosphere isn’t what i want in an rp, and i want to leave. but my character is central to other character’s plots and i don’t know what to do. 

No Idea, You Decide

Honestly, I know that not everyone’s into rp. But when asked about, why’s it hard to tell the truth? If you don’t want to rp, just say no. It won’t hurt or change anything except the fact you aren’t going to be apart of the rp. Lol. For years I’ve had friends and even strangers fake liking rp just to make me happy. They never wanted to mesh anything, concepts, ideas, etc. As much as it was fun doing what I wanted, it just got plain boring. It was obvious they didn’t like but at the same time they wouldn’t put in any effort into making it suitable for them. It may also be the way I approach the subject, the way I rp, I don’t honestly know because no one gives feedback, whether it’s good or bad. On facebook, I made an account just for rp. Added those who said they “loved” to rp yet they don’t reply for shit when asked about it nor do they even send the first message for it. Fuck off if you don’t actually love rp and are racking up friends from it. Anyway, hope y’all have a great day. Thank you for reading, I apologize for bad spelling, word choice, organization, and what not.

anytime someone says “i see you -name-” or anything like that in the cbox, it generally makes me want to tell them to fuck off

You’re such a sweet person, but your beating round the bush and lack of punctuation are seriously killing my muse. I don’t see our thread going anywhere and quite frankly I’m not sure I want to take it anywhere at all, because I have the hardest time making sense of your phrases and so keep rereading your posts while I write my replies. And I hate feeling this way because you’re so nice.

There’s this girl who I really love in this RP, but I’m really afraid I’ll disappoint her. I always did that and most of my rp partners ‘ran-away’ just left me there in the middle of a para in a normally active roleplay. They always leave me, and none of them tells me what am I doing wrong. I don’t want this to happen again.

don’t judge me because i dislike genres that you like, i’m entitled to my own opinions and likes thank you very much. i made the site graphics dark and your ideas aren’t matching the aesthetics. get over it or find someone else to make your graphics.

click to view sidebars are the WORST EVER.

 People come and go in the RP, but I wish people could put more commitment as they decide to sign up. You only want to design pretty characters and never bother to keep the RP alive after. Don’t take me wrong — your characters are great and I love them. But what’s the point if you never play them?

spookyalientrash WHISPERED:
I think that it's super hilarious whenever I see a site labeled as "Advanced" or "Intermediate-Advanced" because chances are, if it's a roleplay, there's nothing really ADVANCED about any of the writing. Most of you are still in high school, and while I don't deny the existence of good writing in roleplay, simply the way one writes for RP is entirely different from the way one would write a short story, flashfiction, or even a book. That's actually why I stopped. RPing was making me worse.

If you’re too busy writing a new character app to thread a ship that you plotted like 2 days ago maybe you shouldn’t be making the new character.